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How to get a Mercedes-Benz mechanic job in 2019

Mercedes-AMG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benzes and Mercedes-Amigas, is expanding its business to include the maintenance of aircraft engines, according to a new post on the company’s website.As part of the plan, Mercedes-AMP will start providing the maintenance service to aircraft engines and their associated parts, and the company is recruiting a team of 20-plus […]

How a 3D-printed car engine looks and feels, even if it’s an engine that has already been designed for a different purpose

By: Alex DeCrescenzo and Chris WoodingRead moreAs I’ve said before, the 3D printer is an incredible tool.There’s a lot to love about it, from the fact that it’s a technology that can produce objects with a real life scale, to the ability to produce high-quality 3D models of the material it uses.But it’s also an […]

Volkswagen, Audi to sell 3.5 million vehicles in 2018

Volkswagen, the world’s largest automaker, will sell about 3.4 million vehicles, or about 3% of its total U.S. sales, in 2018, the company said on Thursday.That’s a significant reduction from the company’s previous estimate of 2.9 million sales, the Wall Street Journal reported.VW will also continue to focus on electrification and sustainability, according to a […]

Why is this car not the best electric car in the world?

In January 2016, Honda was preparing to release its first electric car, the EV-X, in the US.The company didn’t even bother to test drive the vehicle, which has since become a popular topic of discussion on Twitter and in the automotive blogosphere.When the car came to market in May, it was a flop.Its performance and […]

How a robot helped rescue a disabled man from the jaws of a crocodile

JERUSALEM (AP) A robotic arm used to free a disabled German man from a crocodilian trap has been used to save a young boy from drowning in a lake.The robot, dubbed “Terrible Otto,” was used to pull a child from a watery pond in the town of Jern, about 60 miles (96 kilometers) south of […]

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