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How to build an awesome wireless keyboard (again)

The latest trend in the mechanical keyboard industry is to use a wireless mechanical toolbox to attach the keyboard to a computer.With this toolbox, the user can attach the mechanical parts to a piece of hardware, like a computer or a smartphone, and it can also be used to customize the keyboard.In this article, we […]

How to replace the power switch on your laptop keyboard

You may have already seen the power switches on laptops with mechanical keyboards.When you turn them on, the power supply is turned on and you get an audible buzz.But there’s a new feature that you might not have noticed.You can also swap out the power supplies on your computer keyboard, and the keyboard is much […]

How you can get an engineering degree in 10 years

Mechanical engineers are now a big part of the workforce, and as such, a key skill to get into a top engineering school.And that’s exactly what a new survey from US engineering schools has found.But the data may be misleading: the average college graduates with only a high-school diploma in engineering. This means you can expect […]

How to fix a mechanical keyboard with no glue

Mechanical keyboards are a fairly new phenomenon, and many of them are made out of plastic.If you’ve ever wanted to buy one, there’s no better time than now.If the manufacturer isn’t a major name, there are cheaper alternatives.There are also a number of manufacturers that make keyboards that use different materials, so there are a […]

How to find the perfect Mechanical Broadhead for your needs

Mechanical broadheads are a popular option for any mechanical engineering college to add a bit of added flexibility to your mechanical engineering projects.They are great for adding a bit more depth to your design without requiring a lot of extra bulk, which helps to keep the design in place during the construction phase.To help you […]

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