How to design a robotic head that cools the air around it

Technically, mechanical heads don’t actually cool air.But researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have been able to create cool-air cooling systems that do.In a new paper, the researchers describe a process in which their head, a skull made of two-dimensional material, creates and stores the cool-water droplets that flow off of the skull.The […]

How to make your own Quantum Mechanics cooperative bank

A cooperative bank is a cooperative, non-profit bank, with all the same benefits and regulations as a traditional bank.But unlike traditional banks, cooperatives do not rely on a central, financial entity.Instead, cooperators maintain the financial independence of the members, with each member paying its own share of the bank’s fees.A cooperative can operate in many […]

How ‘Crazy’ Mechanical Keyboard Changed the Way We Play video

When I first started playing computer games, my mother would tell me to start with “the original PC” and then “the computer I wanted to play on.”As a kid, I loved games with lots of color, and that’s what I wanted.As a teen, I used to spend hours playing video games on a mechanical keyboard […]

The Sportbible: My Life’s Training Guide to the Games of Fitness

An article written by Sports Illustrated’s Jason Rezaian on June 1, 2019, features an in-depth look at the origins of the sportbible, the exercise tool box that is currently used by many sports trainers around the world.It also includes a brief introduction to the sport of CrossFit, which is currently the most popular form of […]

The next iPhone 6 will use an improved chip design for the battery, but there’s no word on an upgrade to the main phone

A year after the first iPhone 6 was released, Apple has made its first major design change for the iPhone 6 Plus.The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are no longer identical devices in design, as they have been since the iPhone 5S was released.The new iPhone 6 has a larger display, a larger battery, and […]

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