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A mechanical pencil lead is not a defense mechanism

The mechanical pencil stick has been used for decades in defense mechanisms to protect a firearm from the bullets of a deadly predator, but has not been the best way to defend against an attack.In fact, mechanical pencil leads are not only useless, they can actually cause an attack when used improperly.A mechanical pencil that […]

When It Comes To Mechanical Keyboard Meets Diesel Mechanic Jobs: What We Know

Heavy equipment mechanic jobs are expected to become more common over the next five years.This includes electrician, truck driver, metal shop, electrician/electrician mechanic, electricians, and mechanical keyboard.These jobs are all becoming increasingly specialized and involve higher levels of skill and training.This article will explore some of the technical and manufacturing aspects of the jobs as […]

‘No, I did not tell the boy I was transgender’: The heartbreaking story of a transgender woman’s fight for acceptance

A transgender man is fighting to get a $10,000 payout from a school after being suspended from the school for refusing to comply with school rules about gender expression.The boy, identified only as C., has been the subject of a long, bitter legal battle with the Canadian Secondary School for Boys over whether he is […]

iPhone X review: What you need to know about Apple’s new iPhone

The iPhone X’s design is a bold departure from the iPhone 8, which Apple unveiled back in May.The phone comes in two colors, a dark-gray and a light-gray, and features a metallic frame and a rounded, diamond-shaped OLED display.The front of the iPhone X sports a trio of cameras, including a 12MP front-facing camera, a […]

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