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‘You Can’t Tell Me That It’s Over’: Watch the first episode of ‘Mechanical Arms’

A mechanical arm is a tool used to maintain an electronic system.It’s a key to controlling a machine from within a system, and a key that is also an integral part of the electronics of a computer system.This mechanical arm was part of a mechanical breakdown insurance policy that the plaintiffs in the case of […]

‘We were all looking forward to this day’: After a night of terror at a truck mechanic’s house, they’re ready to take revenge

They were standing outside a house in an abandoned building on a snowy night in the spring of 2013, and the mechanic was the last person to leave the house.He was on his way to work when a snowstorm hit.“I had no idea it would be a snow storm and not just one that would […]

Space station repairs take weeks, not days

Orbital mechanics on the International Space Station, or ISS, perform a multitude of tasks during their brief time on the station.The maintenance crew works in pairs, but the astronauts perform the majority of the work.Orbital mechanics operate and maintain the space station’s three main segments — the Canadarm2, Canadarm3, and Canadarm4.In addition to the ISS’s […]

What’s it like to work at JetBlue Airways?

By now, you’ve probably seen the news about JetBlue’s decision to replace its maintenance mechanic, Frank Starling, with a full-time maintenance technician.While Starling was no longer employed by the airline, he remains an employee of JetBlue, and his salary will go up.While we know the number of maintenance technicians on JetBlue is small, there is […]

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