Month: September 2021

The next iPhone 6 will use an improved chip design for the battery, but there’s no word on an upgrade to the main phone

A year after the first iPhone 6 was released, Apple has made its first major design change for the iPhone 6 Plus.The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are no longer identical devices in design, as they have been since the iPhone 5S was released.The new iPhone 6 has a larger display, a larger battery, and […]

$250 Razer Mechanical Keyboard with Logitech G710 Wireless Mouse for PC

A mechanical keyboard from Razer has been spotted in the PC industry.The device is priced at $250, and Razer says it has been in production since September, though it has yet to sell out.The keyboard is powered by a Logitech W510 wireless mouse.The device has been on sale since September.The company has been known to […]

Scrap and Scrap Metal on your keyboards!

Posted October 09, 2018 09:02:23A lot of us are using keyboards now.The key features of the new mechanical keyboards like mechanical switch and backlighting, are quite unique.Many keyboards are designed to be used with either a mechanical keyboard or a split keyboard.Here is what we have learnt about mechanical keyboards and split keyboards.Keyboard designKeyboard manufacturers […]

Why you should wear mechanical keycaps

Mechanical keyboards are great for productivity and keeping your eyes open, but there’s one downside: They’re not very good at detecting your voice.You know, because you don’t speak them very well.That’s why some people have switched to mechanical keyboards and voice recognition software to give themselves the best of both worlds: A mechanical keyboard with […]

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