Month: August 2021

How you can get an engineering degree in 10 years

Mechanical engineers are now a big part of the workforce, and as such, a key skill to get into a top engineering school.And that’s exactly what a new survey from US engineering schools has found.But the data may be misleading: the average college graduates with only a high-school diploma in engineering. This means you can expect […]

When Tkl mechanical keyboards were first introduced, they were an early success

It was around 1980, and Tkl was at the top of the corporate ladder, the king of all mechanical keyboards.The keyboard was a must-have item for any corporate employee, especially those who didn’t have an office computer.The Tkl keyboards were the pinnacle of modern mechanical keyboards, and were among the first mechanical keyboards available to […]

How a robot helped rescue a disabled man from the jaws of a crocodile

JERUSALEM (AP) A robotic arm used to free a disabled German man from a crocodilian trap has been used to save a young boy from drowning in a lake.The robot, dubbed “Terrible Otto,” was used to pull a child from a watery pond in the town of Jern, about 60 miles (96 kilometers) south of […]

Why I Am Not a Libertarian: A Libertarian Is Not a Liberal

By Robert P. Jones and Ryan Lizza, National Review article “Liberals are not liberals.Liberals are not libertarians.Liberals do not care about liberty.”— John McAfee, libertarian activist and entrepreneur, 2016 “The liberal is not a liberal, and the conservative is not conservative.The liberal is the liberal and the conservatives are the conservatives.”— Ralph Nader, 2016 Presidential […]

How to fix a mechanical keyboard with no glue

Mechanical keyboards are a fairly new phenomenon, and many of them are made out of plastic.If you’ve ever wanted to buy one, there’s no better time than now.If the manufacturer isn’t a major name, there are cheaper alternatives.There are also a number of manufacturers that make keyboards that use different materials, so there are a […]

‘No, I did not tell the boy I was transgender’: The heartbreaking story of a transgender woman’s fight for acceptance

A transgender man is fighting to get a $10,000 payout from a school after being suspended from the school for refusing to comply with school rules about gender expression.The boy, identified only as C., has been the subject of a long, bitter legal battle with the Canadian Secondary School for Boys over whether he is […]

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