Month: July 2021

How to find a good mechanical weatherer for your vehicle

“A good mechanical forecaster can tell you what kind of weather it will be and how long it will last.A good mechanical technician will also tell you how much you should charge for the service.”– Michael A. Meeks, mechanical weather forecaster,, July 13, 2017How to find the best mechanical weather-related service on the market.In […]

Space station repairs take weeks, not days

Orbital mechanics on the International Space Station, or ISS, perform a multitude of tasks during their brief time on the station.The maintenance crew works in pairs, but the astronauts perform the majority of the work.Orbital mechanics operate and maintain the space station’s three main segments — the Canadarm2, Canadarm3, and Canadarm4.In addition to the ISS’s […]

How to get a job in the engine manufacturing industry

Mechanical engineers are usually recruited from the engine parts industry, where wages are relatively low.They typically work on large engine blocks or engines for engines such as Mercedes Benz’ V8 and BMW’s 1.8-litre petrol engine.But some of the jobs in engine manufacturing pay far less than they do in other fields, such as machining parts, […]

Power plant to be shut down in the US in response to Hurricane Florence

A power plant in New Jersey has been shut down as the nation braces for Hurricane Florence, the US Coast Guard said on Wednesday.The Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station in New Brunswick is one of several US plants to be turned off and shut down due to the threat of Hurricane Florence.“Due to a forecast of […]

Why we’ve got to get rid of the mechanical worm

By Steve HirschbergerThe worm, a.k.a. the mechanical digestive system, is a major source of human health problems and is responsible for the production of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.Now a team of researchers is trying to understand why.According to the authors of a paper published in the journal Nature, the worm’s metabolic activity is the main driver behind […]

How the Flu Becomes A Virus: The Flu is A Virus

Flu-infected humans can infect other organisms.Flu-positive people can infect humans and other animals.Flu is contagious.If you get it, you can get it everywhere.And the more you infect others, the more they can infect you.Flu vaccines contain an active virus that infects the body.Flu vaccination rates are rising in the United States and around the world, […]

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