How to make your own silent mechanical keyboard

Enlarge/How to make a silent mechanical computer keyboard.

Courtesy of Silencer Design article Enlarg/How it works: Silent mechanical keyboards can be controlled with simple pushbuttons, or with a series of built-in buttons.

Enlarge /What you need to make: You’ll need: A computer (it doesn’t have to be a Mac) A microcontroller chip (you can use a microcontroller to control the keyboard) A keyboard switch or a microswitch The mechanical keyboard’s LED light (you’ll need to power up the keyboard with an external battery) A power cable (it’s an HDMI cable) A switch (if you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need one to control your keyboard on your iOS device) A pair of soldering irons (optional, but very useful for a more flexible keyboard) 1.

Install the microcontroller You need to get the microprocessor chip (or any of the components) for this to work.

This microcontroller has a 3-pin header, which plugs into a GPIO pin.


Connect the microswitch to the GPIO pin 3.

Set the GPIO to the PIN that you plugged into the microcomputer and the microbutton to its input pin.

The microswitch will turn on when the microcomputers GPIO pins are on.

You should now have a microkeyboard.

If you’re not using a microcomputer, you can buy a cheap one from Amazon.

If not, you should check out the Silencer Keyboard on eBay.

You can buy one of the most popular microkeyboards for under $100.

This one has an 8-key keyboard with a number pad.


Connect a USB cable to the microswitches GPIO pin 5.

Turn on the microkeypads LED light 6.

Plug in the micro USB cable and wait until it goes into a low-power mode.

If it’s already turned on, it’ll be off automatically.


Power up the microdevice (it won’t do much, but you’ll be able to turn it on or off with the micro keyboard) 8.

Set your microkeypad to the input pin and the keyboard switch to the output pin (you don’t have the micro switches to use the micro keypad, so the micro button will be off) 9.

Plug the microusb cable into the keyboard and power it up.

You’ll be asked if you want to connect a power cable, but the microUSB cable won’t have any power to it. 10.

When the microkeys LED light is off, turn it back on to connect the micro keyboards USB cable into your microcomputer.

If your microcomputing device is connected to the USB port, it should automatically connect to the keyboard, microkeypress, and keyboard switch.


Once the micro devices power is turned on and connected, it will automatically connect back to your keyboard, and your microdevice will be working again.

If that’s not happening, make sure your microcontroller is plugged into its GPIO pin, because if the microchips GPIO pins aren’t connected to anything, the microKeyboard won’t work.

You could also use an iOS-compatible microcontroller.


Check the keyboard’s USB ports.

You might need to remove some screws or wires to get it working.


Plug your micro keyboard into your USB port.


Connect your micro keypads USB cable from the microboard to your micro USB port (you’re probably going to need to turn on the Microkeyboard first to make sure it’s working, but this step is optional).


Plug microkeysticks power cable into a power source (this will drain your micro device battery).

You can use your micro computer’s battery to power your keyboard.

If this isn’t working, try turning the micro computer off and on. 16.

Check that the micro keys LED light turns on again and you can press the micro buttons to start typing.

If the micro machine doesn’t recognize the micro Keyboard, you might have to remove the micro micro keyboard and remove the keyboard circuit board to see if it recognizes it. 17.

When you’ve finished typing, plug the micro mechanical keyboard back into the USB cable, and the USB ports should be turned on again.

You’re now ready to write some code.

Make sure you’re in a quiet environment and don’t overheat the micro computers GPIO pins.

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