The next iPhone 6 will use an improved chip design for the battery, but there’s no word on an upgrade to the main phone

A year after the first iPhone 6 was released, Apple has made its first major design change for the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are no longer identical devices in design, as they have been since the iPhone 5S was released.

The new iPhone 6 has a larger display, a larger battery, and the same 3D Touch technology.

However, Apple’s latest phones still feature an all-metal chassis and have some design improvements over the last few generations.

That includes the design of the battery.

The new battery is larger and weighs less than the iPhone 7, which has a battery that’s around a tenth as big.

This means that the iPhone’s battery pack can now hold up to three times as much power, which means a battery charge of over three hours on an average iPhone is possible.

There are also new battery management features that allow users to reduce the charge rate of their phones, which is the reason why the iPhone battery life has increased from the last iPhone to the latest iPhone 6.

But the new iPhone’s design isn’t the only new feature.

The battery is also getting a redesign to give it more volume, and there are new sensors that can detect changes in the internal temperature and the pressure of the iPhone.

The changes to the iPhone are a great step forward in terms of energy efficiency, but it’s still unclear what other changes the iPhone will get.

Apple says that the new design and improved battery are the reasons it chose to change the iPhone from the first model to the second model.

That’s because it wants to create the “next generation of phones,” the company says.

The company says the new phones will feature the same features as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Apple doesn’t say what these new features will be.

However Apple did say that the battery is now a “better design” and that the next iPhone will be a “more efficient” phone.

Apple has said that the previous iPhones were designed to be a great way to power up your phone, but that they were designed for a smaller screen.

Apple isn’t giving a timeframe for when these new phones are expected to go on sale, but some sources have suggested that the phones will be released this year.

The second iPhone is the first smartphone that will launch with a 6-inch screen.

The next iPhone has a large display, and its a larger and heavier device than the previous models.

However it has a smaller battery than the last models.

The second iPhone has been designed to take advantage of a larger screen.

But it has to be said that its not the same as the previous iPhone 6, which was a larger device than both of the previous phones.

That means that a bigger screen on a smaller phone can lead to battery life problems.

But it is clear that the biggest change to the battery for the new iPhones is the addition of the new sensor, which detects changes in temperature and pressure inside the battery cells.

The sensors use infrared technology that allows the battery to respond to changes in these changes, so the sensor can tell when the battery has reached a critical level.

This new sensor is a sensor that measures changes in internal temperature.

This allows the iPhone to tell when it’s time to recharge.

Apple says the sensor will only detect changes that happen within a specific range, which can help prevent the battery from overheating.

Apple has said in the past that it is working on improving battery life for its smartphones, but this is the biggest changes that it’s made.

The biggest change Apple has announced for the next iPhones is that the batteries will use a new design for their battery cells that improves their energy efficiency.

The phones will now use a larger, all-steel chassis and an improved battery.

But the battery will still be around three times the size of the first models.

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