How to replace the power switch on your laptop keyboard

You may have already seen the power switches on laptops with mechanical keyboards.

When you turn them on, the power supply is turned on and you get an audible buzz.

But there’s a new feature that you might not have noticed.

You can also swap out the power supplies on your computer keyboard, and the keyboard is much quieter and more stable.

Here’s how to do it.

First, locate the power button and unscrew it.

If you’re using a laptop, the one with the two screws under it is the one you’ll want to replace.

Then, remove the two cables and you’ll see the power cable coming out of the bottom.

If there’s no cable, then you’ll need to remove the power jack on the back.

Remove the power connector on the left side of the keyboard and there’s the power connection for the keyboard.

The power cable will be attached to a piece of metal, so if you need to replace it, you’ll have to loosen that piece.

Next, remove a piece from the top of the power strip.

This is where the mechanical switches are.

There are two of them, each with a different color.

You’ll want the bottom one.

You’ll also want to remove a metal strip on either side of this strip.

Remove a piece at the back of the computer.

It’s the one that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.

Now that you have the bottom power strip, you can remove the top one and the top piece that connects to the keyboard (the one with two screws).

If you need the keyboard, you should replace that part too.

Remove both of the screws from the back panel of the machine.

Remove the power wire, the two metal strips and the power plug.

The bottom power wire is attached to the left half of the right-side of the motherboard and the right side of both of those pieces.

The left one is attached on the top, right side.

If the keyboard doesn’t have a power cable, you may have to use a small wire from a different power supply.

The back of your laptop should now be a bit clearer, as you’ll notice the new power connector.

The power supply on the bottom right of your keyboard is attached and is attached by a piece on the underside of the board.

You should now see a new power cable attached to it.

You may need to disconnect it, so make sure to remove it.

The new power wire should now appear to the right of the old one.

The back panel should now look a bit cleaner.

The old power cable should now have the black connector and the new one is now black and has a red wire sticking out of it.

Remove this piece of plastic and you should now notice that the new connector is much thinner than the old.

The old one is pretty fragile.

You should replace it if it breaks.

If you don’t see the new switch, remove it and you may need another piece of wire.

Remove one of the pieces of plastic on the power panel and you will notice the switch.

Remove it and look for a hole.

There should be a small metal strip.

Now you’ll find the old power connector is on the right and you can see a hole through the old connector.

Remove this piece and you might have to remove another piece to reach the old switch.

Remove and look at the switch to find a new one.

If it’s not the new type, then it’s probably a piece that’s been in there for a while and is a bit more flexible.

Remove these two pieces and you’re done.

The new switch should now turn on.

You can find more tips on how to repair and replace your laptop power switches in our guide on how you can repair and fix your laptop keyboards.

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