How the military could make an electric car ‘the future’

A new, lightweight electric vehicle is the latest step toward a futuristic future for the US military.

It could be a powerful tool in the arsenal of warfighters, but the Pentagon is also seeking to develop it to help reduce fuel consumption, according to an article in Al Jazeera America.

 The electric car has been on the drawing board since 2015, when an Army engineer started talking to the company behind it about developing a lightweight, electrically-powered car that could compete with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW X5.

The idea was to make a vehicle that was lighter and more energy efficient, and could be used for military operations, the article said.

But a recent report from the Department of Defense found that the electric car could not compete with conventional vehicles on price, fuel efficiency or range.

According to the report, the electric vehicle could cost up to $5,000 cheaper to produce, and it could take six months to build, than a conventional vehicle.

As part of the Pentagon’s efforts to develop the electric vehicles, a team of Army engineers worked with electric vehicle supplier Tesla Motors and others to develop a lightweight electric car, which could be delivered to the Army’s headquarters.

While the military is not going to be building the first one in 2017, it’s not clear that it would be the last.

A prototype electric vehicle with a 3,000-pound (1,700-kilogram) payload.

There are already more than 50 prototypes of the electric electric car that have been built by Tesla, which is also working on its own electric vehicles.

The Pentagon is looking to make at least five of them available to the service, according the article.

In order to make the vehicle, Tesla will have to design it in-house.

But the Pentagon says the Army is going to have to spend $1.3 billion to buy the vehicles.

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