The next wave of digital talent will require digital skills

Mechanical engineering internship openings have grown rapidly over the past few years.

In a survey of more than 2,200 engineering students at the University of Michigan, more than half said they had applied to internships in the past year, with the majority of the respondents also applying to jobs at companies outside the engineering field.

These jobs are increasingly needed as companies grow their technology teams, with more than a third of companies currently looking for software engineers to help develop applications, websites, and other software products.

But what kind of digital skills are students going to need to succeed?

The average engineering student earns a master’s degree in engineering, but many students who have an engineering degree also pursue technical degrees or certificates in other fields, such as education or business.

While a master degree in science and technology degree can be helpful in becoming a better engineer, students should consider other options if they want to become a better software engineer.

As with any engineering job, it’s important to consider a variety of factors when applying for internships, including the length of the internship, the type of technology needed, and the company you’re working for.

A few of the factors to consider include the type and length of your previous engineering or technical training, the types of software you’re going to work with, and whether you plan to work for a company that has a larger or smaller software team than the one you’ll be working for in the internship.

What kind of software skills do students need to work well in a modern, online, and mobile environment?

A typical software engineer would likely be expected to work primarily in a development or development environment.

But the modern software industry is evolving rapidly, and many companies are looking to hire highly skilled engineers in the future.

For instance, Google announced in September that it was hiring an additional 2,000 software engineers, bringing its total number of engineers to over 18,000.

It’s important that students get to know the tools and systems they’ll need to help build applications and other online services, such a the cloud, mobile applications, and IoT.

As technology evolves, more and more companies are embracing the use of virtualization technologies that allow engineers to work remotely.

These technologies allow engineers and programmers to work on large teams of software developers who work on a variety, or even all, of the same code.

This helps make software development more efficient and flexible.

However, students must be able to apply their technical skills and be comfortable working in a variety and variety of environments.

If you plan on working for a large company that relies heavily on software development, you may want to take the position of a software engineer instead of a developer.

The typical work environment in the technology industry includes a small office space, shared work space, and/or a remote team.

Some companies even allow students to work from home and/ or take part-time jobs in the company’s office, such an as a sales rep or information security representative.

But if you plan ahead, you should also be able see how you’ll interact with your team and your coworkers in the office and in the team’s office.

Do you need to be a computer science major to take an engineering internship?


Students who majored in computer science or engineering are not required to take a computer sciences degree to be an engineer.

But there are certain things that students need in order to be successful in an engineering job.

For example, students are expected to have a strong understanding of programming languages, especially Java and C#.

These languages are used to build and develop software products, websites and services.

Computer science students who want to work in software development should also have experience in programming, but not necessarily a degree in computer sciences.

Students need to have at least a B.S. degree, and also be comfortable with programming in a different language than the language they’re working with.

A student who has an undergraduate degree in math or engineering also will be able develop software applications, but will need to master more advanced math and science concepts.

However it is important that engineers are able to take on a range of tasks, and students must also be prepared to work at different scales.

What are some other important factors to keep in mind when applying to an engineering or software internship?

The length of an internship is a factor.

The length is a key to how much experience you will have and how quickly you can develop and apply that experience to your future career.

While you may be able get into an internship that lasts only a few months, it can be challenging to have enough experience to apply to the full-time position you want to pursue.

Many students are not as motivated as they could be when applying.

They may not be able or willing to complete all of the necessary steps, such working remotely and in a team environment, and doing research for their research project.

Students also may not have enough time or motivation to complete an internship in the right time.

While there are a number of factors to take into account when considering an internship, there are

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