Why I Am Not a Libertarian: A Libertarian Is Not a Liberal

By Robert P. Jones and Ryan Lizza, National Review article “Liberals are not liberals.

Liberals are not libertarians.

Liberals do not care about liberty.”

— John McAfee, libertarian activist and entrepreneur, 2016 “The liberal is not a liberal, and the conservative is not conservative.

The liberal is the liberal and the conservatives are the conservatives.”

— Ralph Nader, 2016 Presidential candidate, 2016 The definition of liberalism and conservatism are different things.

Liberals care about freedom and liberty, while conservatives care about social order and control.

Liberals support free enterprise, and conservatives support government regulation.

Conservatives are anti-government, but liberals are pro-government.

Liberals favor government regulation of private businesses, while Conservatives favor government control over all private businesses.

Liberals want more government spending, while the conservatives want less government spending.

Liberals believe in a single-payer healthcare system, while Republicans favor individual insurance.

Liberals value individual liberty, and Republicans believe in government control of private business.

Liberals also value social justice and equality, while conservatism is all about individualism and social privilege.

Liberals think in terms of equality of opportunity, while conservative thinkers believe in meritocracy.

Liberals like the idea of universal healthcare, while other conservatives don’t like the concept.

Liberals tend to support liberal policies, while they support conservative policies, and liberals support government intervention to solve economic problems.

Liberals prioritize environmental protection, while many conservatives oppose the idea.

Liberals prefer to spend money on things like health care, while others oppose the use of public money for anything.

Liberals feel a sense of duty to their community, while most conservatives feel a duty to the nation.

Liberals generally favor strong and effective government, while Conservative voters tend to favor strong government.

Liberals usually favor a strong national defense, while in contrast Conservatives tend to favour a smaller military.

Conservatives generally support strong borders, while Liberals tend inversely to this.

Liberals often favor smaller government, whereas Conservatives generally favor larger government.

Conservatives usually support strong trade agreements, while Liberalists tend to oppose free trade agreements.

Conservatives tend invert this dynamic by supporting strong trade policies, whereas Liberals tend toward strong free trade policies.

Liberals typically support government spending to help the economy, while Republican voters tend inverse to this by favoring spending.

Liberal voters tend toward greater government regulation, while more conservative voters tend towards less government regulation and greater individual freedom.

Conservatives, especially conservatives who oppose government intervention, tend to be more pro-business, while liberals tend to prefer lower taxes and greater regulation.

Liberals especially tend to have a higher degree of education, while non-liberals tend to lack this level of education.

Liberals mostly favor small government, but conservatives tend to generally favor large government.

Libertarians tend to like to do things on their own, while Conservapians tend to do the opposite.

Liberals tend toward smaller government and less government, and Conservapies tend to want more state and more regulation.

Liberals tend in the opposite direction to Conservatives, who tend to focus on government control, while Democrats tend to lean toward government control.

Libertarians tend toward social justice, while centrists tend toward government regulation.(Source: Wikipedia)In addition to the core concepts of liberalism, conservatism and libertarianism, there are some other concepts that conservatives and libertarians share.

One is “tough on crime,” which is the belief that criminals should be punished with more severe punishments for the crime.

Conservatives support tougher penalties for criminal acts.

Liberarians support fewer harsh penalties.

Conservatives favor “prosecutorial discretion,” which means that prosecutors can make tough decisions about what constitutes a crime, such as whether to prosecute someone for child pornography.

Liberates support a “vague and overly broad definition of “aggravated sexual assault,” while conservatives favor “clear and precise definitions.

“Conservatives also generally favor tougher penalties, while Libertarians generally support lesser penalties.

Liberats tend to feel a strong sense of responsibility for their community and tend to believe that the government should be more involved in the lives of its citizens.

Liberatos tend to think in words, while progressives tend to make bold statements.

Conservatives prefer to see the government in charge of people, while libertarians tend to see people in government.

Liberatians generally believe that we should not have the government decide how we live our lives, while Tories generally believe the government must be involved in a person’s life.

Conservatives also tend to say that we are “the best and worst people in the world,” while Liberats generally say that they are the “best and worst.”

Conservatives tend toward less government interference in business, while Libatos tend toward more government interference.

Liberates tend to prioritize individual liberty over social order, while Socialists tend towards social order.

Liberats tend toward small government and fewer government, with liberals leaning towards a more expansive government.

Conservative voters generally favor the “big government” position.

Liberatos tend towards larger government and greater government,while Liberatos tend toward a smaller government.

Both liberals and conservatives generally favor a bigger government, particularly the government that regulates business and

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