What is a Projection Defense Mechanism?

The military has been developing the ability to project an object’s gravitational force onto a target, called a kinetic energy weapon, for decades.

But there’s no one name for what the technology is. 

A projector is a small, powerful device that projects an object into the air, often with the intention of damaging it. 

The Pentagon’s proposed missile-defense system, the P-3 Orion, would be the first such weapon.

“The Orion is intended to have the capability to project a kinetic force of 20 kilotons, meaning it could have the potential to hit a target from any direction, or hit it in multiple directions,” said James Goss, a professor of aerospace engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who has studied the P3 Orion.

“A kinetic force can’t be accurately measured, but it is a very powerful force that can be used to do significant damage.”

The Pentagon has said the P1, which is designed to shoot down missiles at altitudes up to 10,000 feet, would not be capable of penetrating the missile defense system.

Goss said the Pentagon could design a missile that can hit an object from a much smaller range, with a less powerful force, but the P2 would be able to penetrate the missile defenses.

The P3 would be similar to the one used by the US Navy to shoot up the B-2 bomber.

In the past, the military has also worked with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the University at Albany, and the University in Texas to develop and test ballistic missile defenses for the US.

Military leaders say the missile-shielding technology has been developed at a relatively low level and could be scaled up to protect the military from a range of potential threats.

The Pentagon has also been working on the technology to protect buildings. 

It’s a similar system to that developed by the Japanese military.

It’s called a radar-interferometer suite and uses an infrared sensor to track objects moving through a building.

The US military is building a prototype system with radar to protect against nuclear attack.

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