Which parts do you need for your motorcycle?

1 0 0 Share Share this article Share Share This article On Facebook Tweet Pin It Share to Twitter What to Wear for the Holidays: This is a checklist to keep your car safe during the holiday season.1.

Make sure your car is not on a public street or highway.

The roads can be dangerous and there are some accidents on them every year.2.

Make it safe to drive your motorcycle on public roads and streets.3.

Don’t ride with your bike on a shoulder.

It can make it unsafe to ride your motorcycle in traffic.4.

Always have your motorcycle locked up.5.

Stay in your lane if you are in a rush and avoid swerving around a stop sign.6.

If you have to pass, stay in the right lane, unless you have stopped for a stop light.7.

Make your own stop signs.

You can use them as a marker on the road.8.

Always wear your helmet.9.

Use your phone while riding your motorcycle to make sure your phone is not in your lap.10.

Use a motorcycle helmet to reduce your risk of falling.11.

Never leave your motorcycle unattended.12.

Make yourself aware of what is happening around you.13.

Take an audible warning bell from your emergency kit.14.

Check on your bike and make sure it is okay.15.

Keep an eye on your motorcycle if you see anyone riding on it.16.

Always remember to wear your seatbelt when riding.17.

Use caution when approaching pedestrians and crosswalks.18.

Don’ t ride on the sidewalk or in the open.19.

Stay out of the rain.

Don’t drink alcohol.20.

Always drive safely and at a safe speed.21.

Don”t drink and drive.22.

Make eye contact with all drivers.23.

Never ride your bike in the rain, especially in the wet season.24.

Never wear a helmet.25.

Don t wear a gas mask.26.

Don””t ride in the middle of a busy road.27.

Never drive your bike with an engine running, particularly in the dark.28.

Never operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.29.

Don”t drive while intoxicated.30.

Never allow anyone else to operate your motor vehicle, particularly at night.31.

Don`t ride a motorcycle in an enclosed or closed area.32.

Don'”t use a mobile phone while driving.33.

Don don””t leave your mobile phone in your vehicle or unattended in your car.34.

Never enter a motorist’ s home without first obtaining permission.35.

DonDon”” t leave your phone unattended with someone who is under the age of 21.36.

Don use the phone when driving while distracted.37.

Don keep your phone in the car and never leave it unattended when you are at home.38.

Never use your mobile device while driving or while distracted in a vehicle.39.

Don leave your smartphone at home at night or while sleeping.40.

Don drive with a rear view mirror.41.

Don avoid using your mobile phones while driving, especially at night and while driving distracted.42.

Don ride in a motorcycle with no pedals.43.

Be alert while riding.44.

Don make sure you have your headlights on.45.

Don “”t turn your headlights off while driving while wearing a helmet or protective equipment.46.

Always look out for cyclists.

They can be at risk of colliding with cars or pedestrians.47.

Always keep a safe distance from cyclists.48.

Don turn off your lights if you feel the need to do so.49.

Make a plan of when you will be on the move and when you can go home.50.

Avoid being late for work or school.51.

Never park your bike unattended and keep your bicycle locked.52.

Always park in the front seat of your car or motorcycle.53.

Always take a bike safety training course.54.

Don t ride a bicycle on the street without using a helmet and a bicycle helmet is mandatory.55.

Don”””t drive your bicycle with an open front tire or with a tire pressure of more than 3/4 of the car tire pressure.56.

Don.””t ride your bicycle in a rain, particularly if the rain is coming from behind.57.

Don have a safety harness and seat belt on your bicycle at all times.58.

Be cautious when walking or riding in the park.59.

Don””t allow your bicycle to be left unattended on the side of the road or in an open area.60.

Always use caution when operating a motorized bicycle.61.

Never crosswalk in the street or crosswalk without looking and always ride your brakes firmly.62.

Don”t ride without stopping for a signal.63.

Never ride your motorized bicycles on the sidewalks.64.

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