‘We were all looking forward to this day’: After a night of terror at a truck mechanic’s house, they’re ready to take revenge

They were standing outside a house in an abandoned building on a snowy night in the spring of 2013, and the mechanic was the last person to leave the house.

He was on his way to work when a snowstorm hit.

“I had no idea it would be a snow storm and not just one that would come down,” said Paul Leung, the mechanic’s son.

Leung said the snowstorm left the house in a state of emergency, with no power or gas, and only one refrigerator.

Leeng’s father had a snowplow in the garage, but the truck mechanic was out on the road, so he didn’t have one.

“It was just me, my dad and the snowplows,” Leung recalled.

Leheng went to the garage to get a truck that he said was going to be the only one he could use, but it was too late.

The truck had been left on the side of the road by the mechanic, and it was still raining.

Leong drove it into the ditch, and his dad and his son were able to retrieve the truck.

They drove it out and back into the driveway and waited for the snow to clear.

“The snow started to come down, and we were looking forward.

I was excited to see it,” Leheng said.

He said his father was in a good mood the night before, and that he was glad he was going out with his son that night.

The next day, Leheng drove the truck home and had the mechanic check it over.

The snowstorm had left the truck stranded, and Leheng had not been able to reach it because it was in the ditch.

Le Feng said he and his father went to check the truck to make sure it was going where it needed to go.

Leng said the mechanic had noticed a missing engine block and was unsure if he could remove it with the snow plow.

He pulled it out, and when he looked at it, he said, “It’s still broken.”

He said he was so relieved when he saw the block was still intact that he put the truck in the driveway for the next two days, but when he got home from work, he found that the engine had been stolen.

“We were so relieved to see the engine still there.

We were all waiting for it to come back to us.

We did not think it would come back,” Le Feng recalled.

The mechanic’s daughter was also working at the time and went to get help.

The day after the theft, Le Feng’s father called Le Feng, who was living in Singapore, to tell him that his father had been found dead in the snow.

The family took Le Feng and his sister, who is also an electrician, to the police station to tell them what had happened.

“They said they had found the body in the yard,” Le Ing said.

Police said they did not know where the body had been or what had occurred to it.

They said they could not confirm whether the vehicle was used to steal a truck or if it was stolen at random.

“After all, it was not like we were just sitting around and watching a film,” Le Ung said.

The police found the truck, which they said was not stolen, and said it was the only vehicle they had recovered.

“He had died in the hands of someone who did not steal his truck,” said Sergeant Paul Geng, a police spokesman.

Police also said they were working with other departments to track down the driver of the stolen truck, and are still looking for him.

Le Ung is now preparing for the return of the vehicle to the mechanic.

“If it’s possible, we are going to get it back,” he said.

“My family is very excited to be able to go back to work.”

In addition to the truck mechanics, the family is planning to take the truck back to the shop where it was first purchased and repair it.

“Our plan is to take it back to where it belonged, and restore it to its original condition,” Le Fong said.

A truck mechanic from China who was found dead by police in snowstorm conditions.

He’s survived by his wife and two sons.

(Image: Courtesy of Paul Le Feng)

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