How to make a machine that looks like a spaceship in a way that’s not science fiction The Globe and Mail

The robot could be a lifesaver for patients who need to be moved from hospital to hospital, and for the thousands of people who work in hospitals across the country, it could be used to monitor and diagnose problems and monitor the environment in hospitals.

The robot, which is about the size of a small car and has a 3-D-printed head, can scan the environment and communicate with its sensors using voice commands.

The head is powered by a battery pack and can be used as a portable computer or mobile device.

The device is the brainchild of a pair of Canadian engineers, David Sussman and Andrew Zuckerman, who were studying how to design a computer that looked like a giant spaceship in the shape of a cylinder.

The team came up with the idea to design and build a robot that looks and acts like a large, humanoid robot, but could also work as a mobile device and act as a health monitor.

The machine was developed at the Canadian Institutes of Technology (CIT) and built by researchers at the CIT, University of Waterloo and McGill University in Montreal.

The researchers hope the robot will be used in hospitals in a variety of settings, including the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, Australia and the European Union.

Sussmann and Zuckermans team has designed a robot head that looks a lot like the one that NASA has used for the Mars rovers.

The robotic arm is powered using a battery and can use voice commands to tell the robot what to do.

The main body of the robot, made of aluminum, is made of a carbon fiber shell, and it has a small, two-piece head that has a large 3-d-printed 3-dimensional printer attached to it.

The 3-mm-thick robot head has a central sensor and a small display area on its sides, which can display information about the robot’s health and movement.

The front and back of the head have a hole in them for the sensors, and they can communicate with each other via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The robots head and body are also made of carbon fiber.

This makes it more lightweight and less expensive than conventional robots.

The CIT’s robotic arm and robot head can be made of materials like carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium, aluminum and polyethylene.

Sumpham said he and Zuckserman were able to come up with their design using CAD software, but it’s possible that other designers could design robots using other materials.

The project is a collaboration between the CNTEC team and the University of Ottawa.

Sampham said the project was a “pretty big leap” in terms of the size and shape of the robots design, and he’s hoping to see other researchers take on the task of building robots that look like that.

The MIT team, which developed a robotic arm for the space shuttle, is working on a similar robot that will be able to help people move around in hospitals with no wires and no power.

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