The Lad: The True Tale of a World-Class Diesel Engine

The legend of the diesel engine has endured through the ages.

It was used in the steam engine and in the engines of the first airplane, and it still works today.

But diesel fuel is a renewable resource, and if you’re looking to invest in a diesel engine, there are a lot of options out there.

Here’s what you need to know about the diesel engines that are out there today.1.

Diesel engines are more fuel efficient than gasoline enginesThe diesel engines on most modern cars are designed to run on gasoline.

This is true because gasoline engines are designed with the capacity to run more fuel than diesel engines, and diesel engines are even more efficient at running on less fuel.2.

Diesel engine design is largely influenced by the engine that started the world.

Diesel fuel is more plentiful than gasoline fuel and is the most abundant form of gasoline in the world today.3.

Diesel fuels are more efficient than their gasoline counterparts.

For example, the gasoline engine is much more efficient for the same fuel than the diesel.

In fact, the efficiency of the fuel used to power the diesel versus the gasoline used to run the engine is about half as good as that of the gasoline.4.

Diesel has fewer emissions than gasoline.

Diesel emissions from fuel use are the same as those from gasoline.5.

Diesel motors can run on a smaller number of cylinders, which means that they can be used on smaller distances and with fewer maintenance and repairs.

Diesel vehicles can operate at much lower speeds than gasoline vehicles.6.

Diesel-powered cars have less maintenance costs.

Maintenance costs are lower for diesel vehicles because diesel engines require less fuel to run than gasoline-powered vehicles.7.

Diesel can operate more miles per gallon of fuel than gasoline, even when running at the same operating speed.8.

Diesel technology has improved over the years, allowing diesel engines to run at higher speeds.

Diesel uses more energy to power its engines, making it more efficient.9.

Diesel gasification is one of the few fuel-efficient forms of transportation.

Gasoline is converted into steam, which is then liquefied and burned to generate electricity.

Diesel is a liquid fuel that can be liquefy and burned.10.

Diesel makes the most efficient use of gasoline.

Diesel fuel is less expensive than gasoline for a variety of reasons, including a reduction in the amount of water used for energy.11.

Diesel’s design has allowed it to meet emissions standards that are higher than gasoline and make it more environmentally friendly.

The diesel engine is also a cleaner fuel than other types of gasoline, which has made it more fuel-saving than other fuel-guzzling vehicles.

It also emits less carbon dioxide than gasoline when burned, and its combustion technology reduces the amount that the engine produces.

However, because diesel is a diesel fuel, its emissions are also lower.

In addition, it is more fuel inefficient than gasoline in terms of its use of energy.

The difference between gasoline and diesel fuels is not the fuel.

The difference is the fuel’s energy content.

In the diesel fuel world, the more energy the fuel has, the less energy it takes to produce the fuel, and the more fuel is required to make the fuel than it takes for its own energy content to be released.

This means that diesel uses more fuel and emits more pollution than gasoline does when burned.

The number one reason why diesel engines make the most money is because they are fuel-sipping vehicles.

Because diesel is the least expensive of the fuels, diesel vehicles are much more fuel guzzling than gasoline cars.

However this does not mean that they are necessarily cleaner.

The diesel engines we hear so much about are typically not as efficient as gasoline engines because of their fuel consumption and the energy they use to produce power.

In other words, they are more expensive to operate than gasoline motors.

The second reason why fuel-gobbling diesel engines don’t make a lot more money is that diesel engines produce less pollution than other engines.

This also means that the diesel emissions are lower.

However the diesel emission data does not include emissions from the powerplant itself.

So if you are looking to buy a diesel vehicle, you need a diesel emissions test.

If you are interested in purchasing a diesel, you will need to pay for a diesel emission test, as you will not be getting any benefits.

The cost of the test varies from car to car and is dependent on the size of the engine and the size and type of engine you are purchasing.

There are even emissions testing kits available that will show you how much pollution your car emits.

Here are some of the different kinds of diesel emissions tests you can choose from:For the most part, the Diesel Emissions Test is the easiest and cheapest way to test the emissions of your diesel vehicle.

You will need a reliable diesel emissions testing device and have the right equipment.

It’s also important to understand that the tests are designed

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