Space station repairs take weeks, not days

Orbital mechanics on the International Space Station, or ISS, perform a multitude of tasks during their brief time on the station.

The maintenance crew works in pairs, but the astronauts perform the majority of the work.

Orbital mechanics operate and maintain the space station’s three main segments — the Canadarm2, Canadarm3, and Canadarm4.

In addition to the ISS’s three Canadarm units, NASA maintains several orbiting weather stations and other facilities on the orbiting outpost.

In the summer, the crew of the Canadarms operates in their own quarters on the Canadavans deck, while the crew members work in their respective orbital suites.

As a result, the ISS crew is always on duty and usually available to perform the required work as required.

The ISS crew also works alongside a crew of about 25 technicians from the U.S. and Europe, who perform a wide variety of tasks related to the space stations maintenance systems.

The crew also participates in a variety of scientific experiments on the ISS, such as robotic experiments on various types of spacecraft, the cryogenic testing of spacecraft components, and more.

The mechanics and technicians have to be familiar with the space environment, and therefore have to perform complex maneuvers in order to do their jobs.

However, as NASA is the largest and most advanced space station in the world, its maintenance workers can perform tasks that would require a skilled engineer, such with welding, cutting and drilling, as well as welding, caulking and other welding processes.

“The crew does a lot of things on the space flight and the station is constantly changing and there are always new things that need to be done,” said James Scott, NASA’s program manager for the space science and exploration laboratory.

“It’s really a very busy and complex space station, so the mechanics and mechanics crews need to have the ability to do those tasks in the right manner.”

The maintenance mechanics work in pairs to perform tasks on the two main space stations, the Canadmarm2 and the CanadArm3.

The main reason the mechanics are called mechanics is because they do a lot more work than they are used to.

They operate and install equipment, such an engine or an antenna, and repair and maintain a wide range of parts.

This includes parts for the Canadermask 2 and the Mir space station modules.

This means that the mechanics work with tools, including drills and power tools, as they drill holes to install bolts and install hardware, and also operate and inspect other equipment such as the Canadimask and Mir module.

The second job that mechanics perform is the maintenance of the station’s two Canadarm 3 units, which are attached to the Canadas main wing, or upper portion.

The Canadarm 2 is the second largest space station assembly in the U, while Canadarm 1 is the first space station.

Both of these systems are equipped with a crew member and a crew module.

This crew member is called the crew module and the crew member in this case is the mechanic.

This is where the astronauts work to perform repairs and maintain other equipment.

This process involves the maintenance crews operating the Canadalarm 3 as they work to install the Canadamask 2 modules on the upper wing.

The process of doing repairs on a space station requires the astronauts to be proficient with the tools and the instruments they are using.

The astronauts must also be able to see what is happening on the ground, and communicate that information to the station crew.

The technicians also work alongside the astronauts in this role, and do the same maintenance tasks as the astronauts.

The next part of the maintenance process is the repair of the Mir spacecraft module.

As part of a test of the robotic arm that the astronauts will use to move a large robotic arm into position on the Mir module, the mechanics operate a drill on the inside of the arm.

This drill is used to drill holes in the module, and then they repair the module with a drill and an abrasive, to make sure the module is strong enough to withstand the rigors of a space mission.

After that, the technicians work to replace the robotic arms with the new ones.

The third job that astronauts perform is to operate the Canadabelt 2, which is the main assembly of the ISS.

This arm is attached to a robotic arm by a hydraulic arm.

Once the Canadairarms arm is removed from the space suit, the astronauts then work to attach the arm to the module using the Canadarbs power supply.

The arm itself is attached using a hydraulic system.

Once that is complete, the arm is put in position and the astronauts start moving it into place on the module.

Once this is done, the arms arm is moved out of the module and into a docking port.

This takes about two hours, but in the event of a problem, the space shuttle has a dedicated team of technicians who have the expertise and experience to work on the issue.

The space station maintenance technicians also perform tasks such as maintenance of parts that are on the orbiter, such

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