NHL.com: How to Get the Most Out of Your Career with the Best of MECHANICS

Mechanical engineers have a long history in professional hockey, but that history is now under threat due to the emergence of the sport’s new high-tech game.

In addition to the new game, the NHL is also introducing a new training program called the “MECHANICIC” that will allow hockey players to take their mechanical engineering training to a new level.

“It’s going to be a great way to introduce kids to engineering and be able to have a deeper understanding of the field,” said John Scott, NHL director of hockey operations.

“We’re trying to bring that more in line with the game that we play today.”

Scott said he believes the new program will help hockey players get a “real understanding of what they’re up against” when it comes to their skills and the skillset that will make them successful in the industry.

Scott said the new MECHANTIC program will allow players to be taught basic skills and fundamentals to prepare them for a career in the game.

“I think a lot of kids today are looking at what we call a ‘technique’ of hockey,” Scott said.

“They think about playing against a robot, playing against another team, playing in a rink, playing with an all-time great player.

That’s a little bit different than what we teach kids today.”

The MECHANNIC program allows hockey players in the United States and Canada to learn how to apply mechanical engineering techniques and concepts to real-world applications.

Scott also said the program will be the first to offer players a chance to take the game’s physical and mental skills to the next level.

While mechanical engineering is not necessarily an entry-level profession, Scott said the NHL and the players association have worked hard to find ways to get these skills in front of the players, and the program is a part of that.

“The physicality is something that is extremely important, the mental aspect is a critical part of the game,” Scott added.

“The physical and the mental skills are so important to hockey.

They are a foundation of the player.”

The program will start with one year of basic mechanical engineering education.

A second year will begin after the first year, but players will have the option to continue their education while playing.

Scott hopes the program has an impact on the next generation of hockey players.

“This is a great opportunity for young kids to see how mechanical engineering and how they apply it is something they can apply to their life in a meaningful way,” Scott told NHL.org.

“They can go out and build a real-life project in their basement, and then they can see what they could have done to be successful as a hockey player.”

Scott also noted the NHL has a strong history in the area of sports science, and this program will provide a great example of how that can be beneficial.

“A lot of people have the ability to be physical and mentally strong,” Scott explained.

“But what’s the best way to use that strength and mental power?

I think that’s where the MECHANSICS program will make a difference.”

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