How to build a robot that doesn’t mind losing its ego

What do you do when your boss or boss’s assistant gets an annoying question?You ask them to ask it again.You make an animated GIF of it and upload it to your Twitter feed.That’s how a company called the OmniSelfDefense Systems started.OmniSelf Defense Systems is a small team of software engineers, designers, and programmers from California […]

How to stop the ‘mechanic worm’ in your life

Measuring and managing your symptoms may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it’s crucial to getting your health in check.Measuring your symptoms can help you understand your symptoms and what’s causing them, which will help you take steps to prevent them from developing into serious illness.Here are the basics of measuring and […]

Truck Mechanic Who Was Hit By A Truck in A Trucking Disaster Is Now Saving Lives

The truck mechanic who was hit by a truck in a trucking disaster in Texas is helping out his community by running a free bike ride through his community.He’s also saving lives. According to the Dallas Morning News, Austin-based Kyle Givens was riding his bike on his way to work when he was hit.He suffered injuries […]

The Lad: The True Tale of a World-Class Diesel Engine

The legend of the diesel engine has endured through the ages.It was used in the steam engine and in the engines of the first airplane, and it still works today.But diesel fuel is a renewable resource, and if you’re looking to invest in a diesel engine, there are a lot of options out there.Here’s what […]

How to find a good mechanical weatherer for your vehicle

“A good mechanical forecaster can tell you what kind of weather it will be and how long it will last.A good mechanical technician will also tell you how much you should charge for the service.”– Michael A. Meeks, mechanical weather forecaster,, July 13, 2017How to find the best mechanical weather-related service on the market.In […]

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